Laura Griffiths


Laura Griffiths

Time as a HCR Presenter:

6 years (2012 – 2018)


Hobbies and Interests:

Music, playing in my band and blogging about afternoon tea!

How did you feel about speaking on the radio prior to the first time you were live on air?

I’ve never been a particularly loud or confident person but I like trying new things, so I was quite excited but mainly nervous about how I would sound, if I would remember to press all of the right buttons and if I would be any good!

How did you feel afterwards?

Amazing. For a show focussed on local music, it was great to hear feedback from bands after getting their music aired for the first time and for me personally it gave me a huge boost of confidence. Over time, the nerves disappeared but the rush of doing a live show never did – that’s a great feeling.

What positive impacts upon your life did your HCR experience have?

Being at HCR has had a wonderfully positive impact on my life. Without a doubt, having the experience on my CV helped me to get into my chosen career path as a journalist and has given me the confidence to pursue new things in my job such as podcasting and presenting. I would recommend the experience to any students looking to get into the media industry or to anyone who simply wants to try something new, build their confidence or find a platform for a cool idea – HCR gives you the opportunity and the freedom to do it.