James Wooding


James Wooding

Time as a HCR Presenter:

Just over 2 Years.


Hobbies and Interests:

Radio Presenting, Drama, Acting, Singing, Music.

What sparked your interest in community radio?

I have always had an interest in music. My interest was increased following a discussion with Community Bridge builders.

How did you feel about speaking on the radio prior to the first time you were live on air?

I was excited and extremely nervous at the same time

How did you feel afterwards?

I was still relieved, but still a bit nervous and excited. I was already looking forward to my next show!

What positive impacts upon your life did your HCR experience have?
I have met some good presenters at HCR and we have become good friends. I now present my show for longer than I did originally. I have also covered other shows when asked to do so. When presenting, I am not as nervous now, but more excited. Overall, I have fun broadcasting – in fact, I love it!