Cal McLean


Cal McLean

Time as a HCR Presenter:

4 years as a presenter, 5 years as a technician

Hobbies and Interests:

Broadcast Engineering, Software Development.

What sparked your interest in community radio?

When I started, I thought the group that ran HCR actually provided TV training sessions, not radio – so I had no idea what to expect! I dived into it head-first though, and found a love for radio presenting and technical engineering.

How did you feel about speaking on the radio prior to the first time you were live on air?

Terrified, of course! I had no idea how to hold a conversation with a participant I couldn’t see or reply to – though my co-presenters and I (who I met at HCR’s training course) hit it off immediately and loved presenting together.

How did you feel afterwards?

Far more confident about the whole experience than I was before I started – I’d found a great group of friends, and a way to indulge my theatrical tendencies…!

What positive impacts upon your life did your HCR experience have?

I started at HCR as a presenter, but found that I rather more enjoyed the technical aspect of the station, which encouraged me to pursue a technical career! I’ve since returned to the station as the Station Engineer, and I love trying to make the facilities at HCR the best they can be for the presenters, musicians and production teams here.