Cal McLean

When I started, I thought the group that ran HCR actually provided TV training sessions, not radio – so I had no idea what to expect! I dived into it head-first though, and found a love for radio presenting and technical engineering.

Helen Wakefield

Halton FM (as it was called back then!!) provided me with my first experience of doing a live daily radio show, driving my own desk by myself. This experience was invaluable. At the time the station was using the latest playout system…

Matthew Roberts

My friend at school was presenting the breakfast show on a Saturday morning and I managed to get involved with her show doing “Sports News”. I’d been one of those nerdy 80’s children who sat at home and made my own radio shows on a boom box with a built in mic.

Laura Griffiths

I’ve never been a particularly loud or confident person but I like trying new things, so I was quite excited but mainly nervous about how I would sound, if I would remember to press all of the right buttons and if I would be any good!

Michael Hughes

I first was introduced to HCR 2 years ago when I was just sitting in as a second adult for other presenters. I watched the presenters using the equipment and it became my dream to do my own show. I love all types of music but I knew I wasn’t ready to run a desk and talk on the microphone. My confidence was low and I was a little shy.

Angelita Woosnam

I saw community radio as a way of speaking to local people I may not have access to. I love music and the opportunity to play music I love is wonderful and I really enjoy it.

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